The ultimate infill

PRO-gran raises the bar on safety standards

PRO-gran is an innovative coated infill for artificial sports pitches which meets the most stringent European toxicology standards, those concerning toy safety contained within the REACH legislation.

We have been aware of increasing levels of concern from some pitch users around the world following media reports that there may be health risks from playing on some synthetic pitches. The consensus of the studies carried out to date is that there is no significant risk to health from playing on pitches with rubber crumb, and the media reports have not included any new information which contradict this. Even so, we have been keen to find a way to address the perception issues and enable people to participate in sport without worrying about the playing surface.

We believe we have arrived at perfect solution with PRO-gran, the result of a year-long research and development programme. PRO-gran provides all the benefits of using rubber crumb – the best physical performance of all infills, the greatest longevity and cost effectiveness – but by encasing the granule in an inert polyurethane coating specifically designed for the purpose, it ensures pitch users will never come into contact with the rubber itself. Polyurethane is used for many medical applications (such as implants or catheter tubing) because of its flexibility and tear and abrasion resistance, and these features also make it ideal for pitch infill.

The REACH regulations specify that the levels of eight named polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) contained within toys and childcare items, such as babies’ teething rings or rattles, must be less than 0.5mg per kg of material. In all tests, PRO-gran has shown levels of zero for these eight specified PAHs.

As well as its performance in toxicology tests, PRO-gran offers a wide range of additional benefits. No longer are clients restricted to solely black granules, they can have any colour they wish. The coloured coating also ensures that PRO-gran has reduced aroma and dust levels. These benefits will last the lifetime of a typical pitch, as we have tested the product to the equivalent of ten years of use, and PRO-gran has shown no deterioration in quality or performance level over that period.

If you have any questions about PRO-gran or would like to discuss your requirements, please contact us.